Friday, April 15, 2011

Bunny's Easter Egg Hop N Drop now available on Android OS

Just in time for the springtime holidays, the Android port of Bunny's Easter Egg Hop 'N Drop is ready! You can get it on the Android Market:

Read more about Bunny's Easter Egg Hop 'N Drop in my previous blog entry...

A couple of interesting thoughts about this port from cocos2d-iPhone to cocos2d-Anroid:

I use the cocos2d-android-1 port of cocos2d-iphone, which is available at I had to substitute Chipmunk (in iPhone) for Box2d (actually an implementation of jBox2d that was bundled with the cocos2d port). It only took a couple of games, I decided not to integrate OpenFeint in this release, but if the game gains some more traction I'll consider putting it back in. Android dev is a bit of a tough nut following iPhone development... I got spoiled by Apple's lovely proprietary development environment and tools, it's a little tough to go back to open source, but not impossible :) And there's that, for now.


  1. Hi Dave, I'm trying to port my games to Android too, downloaded the cocos2d-android1 , could make he menus etc, but can't find JBox2d or chipmunk on it, is there any thing you can teach from your learnings to help me implement the physic engine? I would appreciate your help.

    1. Hi there, thanks for the comments and questions...

      when I downloaded cocos2d-android-1 in early 2011, i believe JBox2D was in the libs folder, and there were a couple of examples included. You might want to check and make sure everything is still current in cocos2d-android-1... if not, you might find more current versions at

      Within the cocos2d-android-1 build, there are a couple of places to look for help with JBox2D:

      follow the examples out there, and you will surely succeed :)