Friday, July 8, 2011

SEO Tip - Custom Blogger Post URL

It's very important for SEO (search engine optimization) to have a meaningful blog post URL in your Blogger or Blogspot blog. Blogger will create a post URL automagically using the post title. So, if my post was titled "My post about iPhone programming", I would see a URL like

But sometimes this plan gets thwarted by the length of the title. In fact, if your title is over 40 characters, there's a good chance the URL will be truncated to something that is NOT satisfactorily search engine friendly.

For example, my last blog entry was titled "How To Follow More Than 2000 People on Twitter". You can see it here.

Through trial and error, I had discovered that the URL in its original form was ""... it left out the part about Twitter!!! That's no good :( It happened because the title was too long, and my most important word was at the end!

Now, notice that the URL for that blog post is actually The URL is different than the title! How did I make the URL different than the title?

How to customize your Blogger Post URL:
1. Publish the post with a title under 40 characters. (In the example, I made the title Follow more than 2000 people on Twitter)
2. Check the blog post and make sure u like the URL. (if not, delete the post and try again with another title.)
3. Edit the post and change the title to whatever you like, the URL for the post will not change.

And there's that. Simple.

And check out this cool tool called TweetAdder that I use to help automate my Twitter account. It helps me unfollow people who aren't following me back, and it also helps me find qualified followers through targeted searches.


  1. Meaningful url is an important method of the on page optimization.They are easy to optimize.But the long urls are very difficult to optimize.

  2. Yes, i agree url is very important for blogger. Posting an article without it is useless.

  3. Great tips about SEO.This tips gave idea suggestion to do Seo.Thanks for sharing your information.