Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kickin' Ms. Chicken iPhone Game Approved For Sale in the App Store

Hi, Dave here. Great news! My latest game, Kickin' Ms. Chicken, has been approved for sale! It's a fun physics-based game, great for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You can get it in the app store at this link: Available on the App Store

In Kickin' Ms. Chicken, you (and Ms. Chicken) are participating in the County Fair's annual chicken kicking contest.
To play, you drag the boot back and down, then release to kick Ms. Chicken. In order to progress through levels and earn red ribbons, you need to land Ms. Chicken in the bucket (which gets progressively smaller as you go through the stages). In order to earn a blue ribbon for a level, you need to land Ms. Chicken in the bucket AND lay eggs in all the frying pans in one kick.

But the fun doesn't end with just kicking the chicken in the bucket! Another element to the game is earning points. You can earn extra points by tapping to lay eggs (which is how you hit the frying pans), and also by tapping balloons up in the sky.

And, yet another element to the game (and the highest scoring and quirkiest part) is the UFO. If you happen to spot a UFO high up in the sky, tap it for a special treat!

And if that's still not enough fun? The funny announcers and chicken animations and noises will keep you and the family entertained for hours!

Kickin' Ms. Chicken is a great game for adults and children... you can play it for precise kicks and lots of points, or you can just kick the chicken and pop balloons. However you do it, it's a lot of fun. I really hope you enjoy the game.

I haven't yet made a gameplay video for this one, I'll try to do that soon.

Please contact me if you'd like a promo code. If you use a promo code, please do write an honest review in the app store.

As always, news of an app getting approved makes for a happy Dave :)
Also watch for another new game soon called StarPod, a fun space shooter I'll be submitting for review shortly.

And there's that.

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