Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Memory Leaks, Verizon iPhone weirdness, and what's next...

Hi, Dave here.

I spent a full day yesterday finding and destroying memory leaks in my new iPhone / iPad game "StarPod". And I mean I started at midnight Sunday, took a short nap, then worked on it until it was fixed near 5pm Monday. I ended up submitting and rejecting that app 4 times before its final submission, which I believe now to be the last since I was able to play continuously for 1 hour without the app crashing (an excellent indicator that my work squashing memory leaks was successful). StarPod is a fast and fun space shooter game, I'm excited for it to come out.

I also have submitted an update for Kickin' Ms. Chicken v1.1... interestingly, the Verizon iPhones are behaving a little differently than the AT&T variety, and of course something I put in Kickin' Ms. Chicken makes VZ iPhones crash (sigh). So, hopefully that will come out in a few days.

Regarding the Verizon iPhone behaving differently than the AT&T iPhone... I had written a blog entry on www.netwhisperer.com about whether there will be differences for developers between AT&T and Verizon iPhones. I said I didn't think so... guess I was wrong. For all you tech-heads wondering what the specific difference was... The VZ iPhone on iOS 4.2.6 does not appear to support embedding fonts using the UIAppFonts key in the project plist.  This functionality has been in iOS since 3.2... maybe it's a bug that'll get fixed... don't know, don't care, since right now I have an app out there that crashes for Verizon iPhone users :(

I have been on a "sabbatical" from my normal job with ThoughtMatrix for the month of March, and that will continue through the month of April. So what do i do next with this precious time?

One of the things I'm going to work on is trying to more effectively use my network to promote my apps and music. I'm going to try using Constant Contact to streamline that effort.

And what else? Do I start porting my iOS apps to Android? Do I port apps / games to Flash / Facebook? Do I simply make more iOS apps? Do I spend some time coming up with the next great social / mobile idea? Time is always against me.

And there's that.

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